Oscar Lolang

Every since I started my musical career with “Eastern Man” in 2016, I’ve been singing a lot about life outside of me. I sang for abused women in “Little Sunny Girl”, I sang for the city that raised me in “Clouds of Jakarta”, I even illustrated death at gunpoint in “Green Man”.

Then, life happened. And I went through times that, you could say, bumped me up with various realities that I had never expected. Loses, failures, and best-kept secrets torn apart. But at the same time, I met with so many great people. Some like those who later became The High Temples. That’s when I decided to start a new “saga”, where I want to give the greatest appreciation for myself, as well as the people and moments that I hold dearest.

I tried it for the first time by remaking my old song “Bila”. But it was “Melodies” when I felt ‘enough’ to express everything. “Drive To School” itself is my personal space to tell stories about my family, which of course plays a very big role in my life. So far, all is well.

Perhaps someone will ask me where I’m heading. But as my lyrics say, “I sang for those who dig”. Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Oscar Lolang.


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